#Law Reform
The Politicians and Lawmakers of Barbados

In Barbados, there is currently no legislation in place that allows for the use of video evidence in a court of law. Thus, even if a criminal is caught on camera, that basic evidence is inadmissible in the law courts.

The police must now search for evidence to take a suspect to court, even though video evidence is available and clearly shows the perpetrator's actions. This cannot continue.

What is the purpose of installing cameras if the person caught on video cannot be convicted based on the most basic of evidence? I want us to change that. As a concerned citizen living in 2015 with all kinds of technology available, it is inconceivable that this continues to be so.

Please sign this petition so we can let the leaders know that this is not good enough. No matter your place on the political spectrum, this affects you.

Let us let Barbados' leadership know this needs to be fixed now!

We, the undersigned, call on the political establishment (no matter their political affiliation) and lawmakers of Barbados to put legislation in place to allow for video footage to be used as evidence in the law courts of Barbados.

With the proliferation of video capturing devices, from cell phones to surveillance cameras, for this not to be allowed is inexcusable.

It is time for this to be made right especially in the recent upsurge in violent crimes against persons and businesses here.

This change needs to be enacted as a matter of urgency.

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