Kylie Brewer
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Kylie Tate, murderer of her six month old child was jailed and bailed within a few days, and since then, she has pretended like nothing ever happened. This awful and cruel person starved, beat, and shot this poor and defenseless baby with a BB gun multiple times. This is not Kylie's first baby, when I lived with her May of 2015, Kylie was pregnant at the time. She would hit her stomach as hard as she could many, many times in intent to harm her first baby. I witnessed this many times, including the night she kicked me out. When it came to deliver, that baby Ended up passing with sepsis. She did not deal with any consequences for what she put her first child through, even after I had called the police on her and told them everything including her suicide attempt for attention. The father who loved both these babies more than anything did not deserve this, and these poor angels did not deserve this. I made this petition because Kylie has never suffered the consequences of her reckless and cruel actions and it's about time she does. I'm asking you all to sign this so that not only does the child who was delivered stillborn, but so that her sister also gets the justice they both deserve. Kylie is not the victim she's making herself out to be. She never will be. The justice system needs to do something about this. And that's why this was made, so they start acting on it.

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The Put Kylie Brewer (Tate) in prison for life petition to Kylie Brewer was written by Monica Espinoza and is in the category Justice at GoPetition.

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