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Redwood City City Council
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Jefferson Ave between Middlefield and Alameda De Las Pulgas is a 4 lane arterial road that has a myriad of traffic related issues. Despite a posted speed limit of 30mph, drivers often go 50mph or more. Left turns are a huge problem. Cyclists have a very difficult time getting across the road, as the lights at Myrtle and Hudson aren't well set up for biking. The sidewalks are too narrow for pedestrians to be reasonably comfortable. Adjacent to Jefferson is Orion school, and drop off/pick ups are deeply affected by the poor road design, as are the safety of hundreds of children. Within a block is the largest recreation park in the city, and it is dangerous for kids to cross Jefferson from the north to get to their various activities at Red Morton Park.

A poll on nextdoor showed a decent amount of support despite a known and hostile audience. We expect larger support to come from those who actually live or own property on Jefferson Ave, as well as anyone affiliated with Orion , Kennedy, and Roosevelt schools, and any parents living north of Jefferson whose kids routinely cross the road to get to various destinations to the south. A side effect is likely higher property values along the road, as we beautify the area and make it safer for everyone.

It is likely that a 4:3 road diet (https://streets.mn/2013/01/15/4-to-3-road-diets-the-1-thing-cities-can-do-right-away-to-improve-quality-of-life/) with protected bike lanes/cycleway would be a great solution for everyone.

We, the undersigned, call on Redwood City Council to expedite the road diet option in RWC walkbikethrive and safe routes to schools plans.

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