#Civil Rights
PDX Airport Officials

On January 29th, 2017 a good samaritan stepped in when a Nazi counter protester began attacking civil rights protesters in the PDX airport. This unnamed person came from the shadows and punched this nazi in the face so hard that he was rendered unconscious.

We want to memorialize this moment forever with a bronze statue of the heroic civilian punching a nazi right in the face.

With the statue will be an informative plaque about the event, tips on proper fascist-punching form, and an interactive blow up nazi that you can practice your own punches on, to show nazis all around the world that NAZIS GET PUNCHED!

Dear Airport Officials,

On January 27th, 2017, justice was served in the form of a civilian stepping in and punching a fascist in the face. This moment in history is monumental and needs to be memorialized forever in the form of a bronze statue. This will show any nazis coming into our land that their hate is not welcome here.

With this statue, we would like to include an interactive plaque that will teach you the proper form to use when punching a fascist in the face, as well as an inflatable nazi to practice on should you ever encounter a member of the fascist regime.

This is culturally important to display, a symbol of the power of justice in this great land.

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