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The PUT FOOD IN THE BUDGET CAMPAIGN represents 30 communities across Ontario that promote the implementation of a $100 Healthy Food Supplement for all adults on social assistance in Ontario. The Supplement will serve as a down payment in closing the monthly income gap.

10, 000 + Ontarians and 50 MPPs of all political parties have completed the 'Do the Math' Budget Survey which calculates the monthly living costs for a single individual. The average monthly cost arrived at was $1,350. The current poverty line for a single individual is approximately $1,600/month. An individual on social assistance receives $592 per month. Once rent is paid, there is little if anything left, forcing thousands of Ontarians to rely on already over burdened food banks.

The basic needs allowance is set far below actual market costs. This negligence has created a widespread food insecurity crisis and increase in chronic illness related to poor nutrition. These issues are a cost to society, where as putting money in the hands of low-income individuals will immediately benefit our communities ("How paying people’s way out of poverty can help us all" Globe & Mail)

The government has created its Social Assistance Review to evaluate the true cost of living in communities across Ontario and we are asking them to establish a new benchmark for income adequacy in setting benefit rates. In the meantime, individuals living in deep poverty cannot afford to wait any longer to have a place to live and enough money to purchase healthy food.

The PUT FOOD IN THE BUDGET CAMPAIGN is in partnership with Association of Local Public Health Agencies, Interfaith Social Assistance Reform Coalition (ISARC), and Heart and Stroke Foundation of Ontario.

We call on the Government of Ontario to commit immediately to a $100 Healthy Food Supplement for all adults on Social Assistance to address the growing crisis of deep poverty.

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