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Village of River Forest, School District 90
United States of America

I’ve been advocating for clear accountability and common sense use of crossing guards for almost two years now, after I realized a resident concern on safety at a perimeter intersection could fall flat with the D90 Superintendent. Indeed, while there is an agreement on how costs would be shared between Village and D90 taxing bodies there was no common sense plan to address if and where crossing guards may be used. This isn't about whether someone cares or not, it's about ensuring nothing is missed. The Village does have a clear process on their website for fielding traffic and safety concerns. I can speak first-hand to this; however, when it reached the Traffic and Safety Commission I learned D90’s grip on crossing guards was so tight the Commission didn’t (couldn’t) make crossing guard recommendations to D90.

What’s happened is D90 became involved in public safety many years ago when the Village had a budget shortfall - D90 stepped up. Of course child safety is a concern for all, but for all these years D90’s role has been financial, and without linkage to village traffic and safety expertise.

That’s history though…enter the new Village Policy, and D90 Administrative Procedure. I met jointly with D90 Superintendent and the Village Administrator to go over gaps and uncertainties based on language, missing or just confusing, and to learn how we’re in a better place now than before. I would encourage you to read it and come to your own conclusions.

We, the undersigned residents of River Forest, support having ultimate decision authority for if/when/where crossing guards are used sit clearly within the Village of River Forest, instead of with the D90 Superintendent of Schools.

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