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Big Wolf On Campus is about the trials, tribulations, and epic battles (so much for alliteration) of Tommy Dawkins, a popular football player who undergoes some unexpected changes after being bitten by a werewolf a few days before his senior year of high school, and his friends, Gothic Fantasy Guild president Merton Dingle and adventure-hungry kickboxer Lori Baxter.

The series aired on BBC2 in Great Britain on Sunday mornings. Big Wolf aired on YTV in Canada. A French-dubbed version of the series titled Le Loup Garou du Campus aired in Quebec on VRAK TV weekdays. Australian viewers could catch Big Wolf on Fox Kids weekdays. ABC Family dropped Big Wolf from their schedule in mid-September 2002 .

It was a wonderful show and very cool. I loved it, as did many others. People everywhere are yearning for the series on DVD, all 65 episodes. Please help us get it on DVD!

The undersigned hereby request that Cinegroupe and Big Wolf III Prods create a DVD set of "Big Wolf on Campus" for distribution because it is a wonderful show worthy of DVD release.

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