To the CEO of Samsung

Many of the people who use Samsung products love the graphics and functionality of the product, many who are (Pocket Gamers). Being able to send extra apps to the external storage space is essential for maximizing a smartphones capabilities. 3rd party apps can no longer move to external storage unless the phone is hacked.

USB mass storage mode is no longer supported on latest Samsung Galaxy series including Samsung Galaxy Note II. You won’t find much to complain about if you purchase the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and initial reviews have been mostly positive, which has led to users shouting from roof tops about how good the 5.5-inch handset is, but there are some improvements wanted by Galaxy Note 2 owners. While it’s almost perfect, Samsung’s Galaxy Note 2 needs an improvement when it comes to using apps on an SD card. This has led to users looking for ways to move apps onto an SD card, or at least force new installations on portable storage.

One solution on offer to Samsung Galaxy Note 2 owners is to root their device, and we also hear other users trying to help out by suggesting apps like Apps2SD, Link2SD, and a popular option of configuring “directory blind“. This seems to be a problem with Android Jelly Bean and one user states they keep getting error messages, which state “not enough memory to update your apps“. Many are returning the Galaxy Note 2's to a local store thanks to not being able to use apps on an SD card, and claim it is an issue with most Samsung smartphones. Which in turn causes Samsung and Google to lose valuable business.

We, the undersigned, call on Samsung to place back the, "move to sd" on the Samsung phones such as the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and the Samsung Galaxy 3. Not having this feature takes away from the phones greatness of why many love the Samsung product.

Having just enough is not enough, such as 16 gigs of space and would like to enhance our phones capabilities, henceforth the use of the sd microslot being used. This is not just for media such as photos or video but, gaming apps also which many use the Samsung products for (Pocket Gamers).

By fixing this many will continue to keep the Samsung product in service and not discontinue and move to the next.

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