Federal government of Canada

The East Energy Pipeline is a 4,500 km pipeline whose goal is to transport 1.1 million barrels of oil from Alberta and Saskatchewan to refineries in the East Coast of Canada and a marine terminal in New Brunswick.

Every year, this pipeline has a stunning 15% chance of corrupting and spilling into the bodies of water which it runs through : the Ottawa river, the Rideau river and the Mississippi river; also known as some of Canada's largest sources of drinking water.

** 50 cities rely on the Mississippi river ALONE for drinking water**

Due to the lack of supervision of this pipeline, breaches of the pipelines integrity can be compromised and go unnoticed for days at a time. At the rate that the oil would spill into our water supply, 2.67 million litres in twenty-two minutes, the results would be catastrophic.

We, the undersigned, call on Justin Trudeau to take a more environmentally friendly approach, to be the environmental advocate he promise to be and, in doing so, refrain from approving of the East Energy Pipeline.

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