Hello I like many neopeans am outraged at the gup. Incase you have no clue what the means its a club that snatches painted and limited edition pets from the pound (many of them transfures) and morphs them into green unis then pounds them! I don't think it's right, a painted pet can easly find a new home but a green uni will have a much harder time.

TNT has done nothing to put an end to this!You can't talk about religion on neo because it upsets players but you can morph pets into worthless unis and upset players. I beleve TNT should stop makeinf these potions and freeze accounts caught doing this. Perhaps if i get enough signatures i will present TNT with this peition and some how put a stop to GUP.

My account is happywolf2,feel free to join my anti GUP guild.

Sign for the safty of painted/LE pets and their owners.

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