#Animal Rights

I have recently heard that cats and dogs where being used as live shark bait, so i did some research that will tell me more about what they are doing to the cats and dogs and i found out that cats and dogs and other animals where being killed for no reason at all. I have found pictures of dogs getting hung and then let go again then hung again and then there fur burnt off, then getting butchered alive or dead.

I have read that 200 animals die every day, they have been drowned, stabbed, starved, hung and microwaved. The thing I found out first was the cats and dogs that were used as live shark bait and then I got more and more information.

Then after i read about that i read another bit of information about elephants being tortured for being our entertainers at the circus. I then went on google images and found a lot of images of animals being abused. i need you to sign this for the law of NO ANIMAL CRUELTY, we might already have this law but we need the consequences of animal cruelty to be more severe

This petition is for the animals who cant help themselves, animals are just like us, they may not be able to talk but they do have feelings and they can feel pain just like you and me.

we need the consequences of NO ANIMAL CRUELTY to be more severe all over the world. it doesn't matter where in the world you are, you need to have a heart for these creatures great or small. please help me STOP ANIMAL CRUELTY!!!

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