Put a Knox Statue in Alumni Plaza
United States of America

What if there never were "The Buffalo Sabres?"
It is LONG overdue that the architects of the NHL in Buffalo, the Knox Brothers, do not let the statues of the French Connection stand alone in Alumni Plaza. Even when full for draft parties, season openers, playoff parties... One looming hockey presence is there, but not represented: The Knox Brothers.
The Knox family is synonymous with the team and still there at the forefront supporting the team they once owned. The heart and soul, family with the fans relationship that left professional sports long ago in preference of money should not be forgotten.
So I ask you, PLEASE, sign this petition and *follow our facebook page of the same name* and let it be known this is what WE the fans want. Let us have a voice.
Make a statue to pay tribute to the men, and their legacy.
Let us thank the Knox family as well as have history there to show our kids not only our origins, but what love for this team is truly about.

This will be brought to the attention to the Sabres ownership, alumni and anyone that can help us move forward.
Their legacy is to not be forgotten,..

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