WWE has underrated and not given much care or a chance for Luke Harper. Not being put in the title picture at Wrestlemania and not being on TV. That is unfair to him and his fans. He is talented and the WWE universe like him. Hopefully this petition will show the WWE that people want to see Luke Harper on TV and as a future champion.

Luke Harper is one of the most talented wrestlers in not only Smackdown but WWE. He is a big man that can move like a crusierweight. Underrated and everybody knows that, I am truly disappointed that he wasn't in the title picture at Wrestlemania, as he earned the rightful spot to be there. Harper should and has earned the fact that he should get a massive push but unfortunately WWE doesn't see that and they don't even give him a chance to show up on WWE TV which is really dissapointing. Luke Harper has a lot of pontential in him and I hope by this petition WWE will realize that the fans actually care about Luke Harper and want to see hi do big things.

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