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Litter registrations for the Shih Tzu breed have significantly increased as they have become a fashionable pet. However, the fact is that some puppy farmers continue to try to find ways of profiteering from this beautiful breed.

Quarterly Kennel Club breed supplements over the last five years have indicated a worrying trend for extraordinary numbers of puppies from these small bitches. We know many are imported, and there has been much publicity regarding the conditions these dogs are kept in.

We hope you will support us in asking the Kennel Club to help us find ways of stamping out vulgar and cruel practices against this affectionate and beautiful breed.

Dear Kennel Club UK,

I write to draw your attention to the Shih Tzu breed enthusiasts concerns regarding the high number of puppies registered per litter in the Kennel Club quarterly Breed Records Supplement. It appears over the last five years the number of puppies per litter has increased significantly (up to 11).

We understand that you have previously received concerns regarding this.

We respectfully request that the Kennel Club investigate the cause behind the significant rise in some individual litter registrations, as some of our most respected breeders have not known of this number not only to be born, but also to survive. We feel it is imperative that the good name of the Kennel Club, individual enthusiasts and breed clubs are protected as well as our beautiful breed.

We appreciate that the cost of testing litters could prove to be expensive, but if one litter was selected at random from breeders who have registered 9 or more puppies we feel this would act as a deterrent to the unscrupulous breeders. Clearly the importance of the integrity of puppy records is essential to the future of our breed. We recognise that this is the only way of ensuring the validity of litter records, and that it would be almost impossible to prove by any other means.

If the Kennel Club felt the cost too prohibitive, we would welcome the opportuntity to approach the breed clubs and enthusiasts to help meet the cost of a test, with a view to the Kennel Club overseeing the procedure with a veterinary surgeon of your choice.

We the undersigned thank you in anticipation for your attention to this extremely important matter.

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