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Ministry of law Malaysia

The development of technology has cause many good and bad impacts to social media user. Misuse of technology such extract an individual’s information such as images from social media and spread rumours causes depression, humiliation and even death. Some will lodge report and at another hand some will take rush decision like end up their life due to the bad images or rumours spread by the irresponsible human being. Even the affected individual try to prove the actual fact which is they are innocent yet it became too late as the grapevine spreading more fast than the lighting. HOW EFFICIENT AND WEIGHTAGE OUR CURRENT LAW AND ACT toward this Social media abuser(s)?

We, the undersigned to take SERIOUS legal action and the maximum law punishment for social media abuser(s) who extract an individual information such as images from social without the person concern and spread rumours. The impact from this kind of action causes emotional depression, humiliation and death. HOW LONG TIME WE GOING TO KEEP QUITE??? Is it until it happen to ourself ?

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