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Stop This Ban Before it starts !! BSL singles out one particular Breed....Breed specific Banning, Is Racism..!!!No One Breed should be singled out !! No Dog is Born Bad !! Its the Owners Irresponsibility and Lack of Education that is putting these wounderful Lap Dogs at risk !! The Pitbull and the Rottweiler both have "Bad raps" !! The Bullies are not the only breed affected by this law !!American Pit Bull Terrier,..The Staffordshire Terrier..and the Bull Terrier and the Rottweiler.... anything that has the characteristics or appearance of these breeds are at risk !! There are 20+ breeds that are commonly mistakenly identified as “pit bull” dogs).

Even if your Dog Looks Like a Pitbull, They maybe at risk !! Would You "Ban" a Family Member ??...Punish The Deed Not the Breed !!

Please sign this Petition... Our Loving Bullies need a voice,They Need us to stand up and Protect them with the same Love and devotion they would give to us !! "Ban" Means gone Forever......!!

Stop Racism !!! Racial profiling is Wrong !! Dont Judge a Book By its cover...!! You cant punish a whole Nation, for one persons mistakes !! I Want Owner Screening on this Breed..To make sure they are going to Responsible, educated, Loving Familys...These Dogs are the "REAL" Victims Here !!

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