St.John's Mercy Medcial Center Adminstration, Nursing Services
United States of America

This petition is for the hard working Patient Care Assiocates and Techs who come into work and are ready to work on their own floor and when we come in to find out we are getting pulled to another floor. That can start a night off real bad.

We get pulled to anther floor sometimes a floor we don't know, we don't know where anything is, sometimes the people you are pulled to work with are no help at all, and sometimes the patient load can be very over whelming.

I think if we have to come to work and have to endure situtations like this we should be paid compinsation for it. Whether it be two dollars or one dollar an hour we are on that floor I think we deserve it. We work hard to take very good care of our patients and I think we need more than a Thank you.

We, the undersigned, call on the St.John's Mercy hospital Administration to give PCA, PCT, and PSA pulled pay.

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