White House and Federal Legislature
Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico has been an incorporated territory for far too long. Sice 1898 when the US obtain us in the Spanish American War we have not been giving the change for a real vote in deciding the final future status of the island.

There has been 3 instances of local plesbicite vote without Congress approval and nothing has happened. We the people urge you to take the necessary steps to give the constitutional status options to the people of Puerto Rico so we can finally decide our political status.

Please take serious consideration of the Puerto Rico status vote of 2012. 54% percent of the puerto rican people rejected the actual territorial status in the first question. In the second question 61% opted for statehood, 33% opted for free association and a 6 percent for independence.

We demand a binding vote for the people of Puerto Rico with valid options under the constitution of the US and put an end to 500 years of colonialism from Spain and now the US.


Nasser Hafes Reyes

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