Minister of Health & Long-Term Care

As a self-regulating HEALTH-PROFESSION entity, the RCDSO is responsible to create STANDARDS. Yet it took the RCDSO from March 4, 1868 to Oct 24, 2012 to create its FIRST standard (i.e. Amalgam Waste Management + Dental CT Scanners + Use of Sedation & General Anesthesia).

That's a mind-blowing 52,818 days, or 144 years, 7 months, & 9 days !!!

- Code of Silence / Expert Witness / Expert Reports
- Delays in Dental Treatment
- Dentofacial Orthopedic Treatment
- Diabetic Treatment
- Endodontic Risk Assessment
- Endodontic Treatment
- Forensic Odontology
- Geriodontic Treatment
- Hand-washing
- Instrument sanitization
- Oral & Maxillofacial Pathology
- Oral & Maxillofacial Radiology
- Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery
- Oral Mucosal Treatment
- Orthodontic Treatment
- Periodontic Treatment
- Pediatric Treatment
- Prosthodontic Treatment
- Special-Needs Treatment
- Treatment Plan Requirements
- etc.
- ICRC - Complaints Matrix
- ICRC - Expert Reports
- ICRC - Neutral Language (patient not complainant; doctor not member)
- ICRC - Registrar’s Investigations

RHPA 1991 ~ The "Missing Standards" issue has repercussions for the Minister of Health & Long-Term Care, because: "The Minister is responsible for the administration of this Act. ... It is the duty of the Minister to ensure that the health professions are regulated & co-ordinated in the public interest, that appropriate standards of practice are developed & maintained & that individuals ...are treated with sensitivity & respect in their dealings with health professionals, the Colleges & the Board."

We, the undersigned, call on Dr. Eric Hoskins to take his position as the Minister of Health seriously, & require the Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario to create & publish the "Missing Standards" that APPLIES TO 99% OF DENTISTRY!

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