Dr Sarah Jarvis The One Show BBC
United Kingdom

Living with Type 1 Diabetes can be very challenging on a daily basis. Over the last few years due to the incorrect information given out by the media. Living with Type 1 has become even more challenging.

We request that Dr Jarvis makes a public apology on The One Show. Type 1 can't be prevented.

She need to apologise and state publically that Type 1 Diabetes is an autoimmnune disease which currently can't be prevented and there is no cure. Just permanent life support each and every day in the form on insulin.

We the undersigned demand a public apology on The One Show by Dr Sarah Jarvis.

We would like her to clearly state that Type 1 Diabetes currently can't be prevented, there is no known cure and it is nothing to do with "life style, weight, etc."

I suggest she makes a donation to a Type 1 Diabetes Charity for her mistake.

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