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ServiceNet counselors, organized in UAW Local 2322, need your support during their contract negotiation campaign happening right now.

The dedicated counselors of ServiceNet provide outstanding care for some of the most vulnerable people in Western Massachusetts. They work long hours, often without breaks; provide hygiene care; skillfully de-escalate clients; administer medication and other medical attention far beyond what should be expected of a direct care staff; and generally do all that they can to help their clients live better, happier, healthier lives.

They do all of this while getting paid barely more than minimum wage. ServiceNet as an organization is already a leader in the mental health community for quality of client care, thanks in no small part to the compassion and skill of its counselors. ServiceNet has an opportunity right now to also be a leader in the fight for a living wage. The ServiceNet counselors are currently bargaining for a fair contract. Those of us in the community who depend on them for the care of our loved ones, and those of us in the community who feel they deserve a living wage for their work, need to tell the ServiceNet management team that paying their counselors a living wage is important to all of us.

We, the undersigned, call on ServiceNet to bargain a fair contract and pay its workers a living wage.

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