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Public Fishing access to the Oak Orchard River has never been limited. For years fishermen have been allowed to fish for some of the world's finest steelhead, brown trout and salmon. For anglers this area is known to be one of the best sport fishing destinations.

The tributaries of the area are unique and provide tourist (fisherman) some of the finest catches. Limiting fishing to any part of this area will result in a loss of economic revenue to the area including business and restauraunts who have long supported this sport.

There is a unique character to the trout and salmon tributary fishing in the Oak Orchard River. I have spent one day or more fishing in the Oak Orchard River over the past year. The fishery is vital to the economic viability of tourism to Orleans County.

I support public fishing access on the Oak Orchard River in the traditional wading area below the Waterport extending downstream to the Park Avenue Fishing Trail and beyond.

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