A child has a right to be protected and in order to do that to our fullest ability we have to know who the people are that we bring in to our children's lives.

We also have to know if the parents of other children are safe for children to be around.

I am starting this petition because my daughter was molested by her own father. I did not know that he was the kind of person he was when i met him. I would love to post his name on here however there are several people with his exact same name all over the world and not all of them are him so I wish to get the 10000 or more signatures so that we as Canadians can have the same access that the united state citizens have to the sex offender registries.

We the undersigned, implore Mr. Vic Toews and the Federal Government, to implement a publicly accessible sex offender registry website, as implemented by the United States of America.

We feel that it is in the interest of public safety, to know where pedophiles are located.

Pedophiles in Canada are treated mildly by our criminal justice system. Jail sentences are minimal, if at all. Even though society views this as one of the most horrific crimes that a human can commit against another, there remains the most important question: What can be done?

A pedophile is someone who exhibits a long term sexual attraction to children. This is a sexual preference that cannot be cured, only controlled. Yet as a society, we cannot force offenders to seek therapy, and must often sit and wait until the offender strikes again. While police and community groups in Canada are working to protect children as best they can, there remains a sense of frustration.

In a country such as Canada, where laws are made to protect people from crime, it seems that pedophiles are being ignored, often treated to very limited punishment. Canada needs to catch up to the rest of the world and treat these offenders as they deserved to be treated: with harsh penalties and treatment to assure that no additional children will be violated.

We are only seeking publicly accessible sex offender registry website as a way to protect our self as a protection for our children. If the government won't give out harsher punishment because it goes against human rights at least provide us with the right to have a tool to protect our children!

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