#Midtown Madness 2
Oleg M.

Oleg M., maker of ZModeler has been working on a .PSDL filter for ZModeler so we can edit city files in ZModeler. PC425@Creative-City2 has made a .PSDL editor before Oleg M., but not for Zmodeler.

The .PSDL editor that PC425 made is very hard to use in my opinion, and very buggy also.

PC425's .PSDL editor does the job, but not the best.

Please sign this petition to have Oleg M. continue development of the .PSDL filter for Zmodeler! Please have all your friends sign this too.

I cannot guarantee Oleg M. will continue development, but its worth a try - right? PS: No hard feelings here pls, PC425, I respect your work, but we just need a better editor.

Continue development of .PSDL Filter for Zmodeler by Oleg M.

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