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Many Sonic the Hedgehog fans in America are disappointed in one way or another with the American Sonic Gems Collection, weather it is the lack of the Japanese/European soundtrack for Sonic CD, the absence of the Streets of Rage/Bare Knuckle trilogy, the fact that America did not receive a PS2 version of the game, or the fact the Japanese PS2 release was programmed specifically to cause difficulty while trying to play it in an American PS2. We would like a PS2 re-release of this game, with the following:

1. All bonus games that were included with the Japanese version.

2. The option to toggle between the Japanese and American soundtrack for Sonic CD.

We realize this may warrant a "T" rating, but considering that the PS2 has an older demographic than the Gamecube, and Shadow the Hedgehog is getting his own T or possibly even M rated spin-off game, this would not be too much to ask. We hope you listen to us.

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