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We've all heard the story of the woman who was put into jail for being or murdering her husband in self defence. Far often than not, these cases are classed as murder rather than manslaughter and although a majority of woman have had checkups with doctors or seen someone about the violence she has endured, problems around her fail to make it safe or possible to move out of the house where the domestic violence takes place.

Children, a place to live, not being allowed to leave and threats on family are many reasons why this task is near impossible to some. Not that we can do something for each one of these scenarios, we need more protection and intermission to help children and husband or wives to get out of a dangerous enviroment, with no fear of where to live and what will happen if they are taken away from their home securities.

Do you believe that women, men and children going through domestic violence should have a safe haven, legal support, chance of counseling and a friendly and helpful person to advise them on the way forward? If you believe this is the way forward itself for those in the community, all around the world, to have a chance to flee from a dangerous situation without worries of money loss or accommodation, then please sign.

If you agree with me and many others, sign the petition to make these legal placements come into order.

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