#Animal Welfare
Governor of Utah
United States of America

Are you watching a blizzard through the window in the comfort of your home? Are you escaping the heat of a blazing 103 degree day under the shade tree?
All living creatures seek shelter from inclement weather. What if you were prevented from doing so?

There are laws requiring owners to provide basic protections and needs (including shelter) for animals under their care. Ironically, some states like Utah do not consider farm animals to be within the category of "animals" so they are not covered under these laws.

A farm animal is incapable of seeking shelter within the confines of a fence; therefore, shelter should be provided by the owner. I'm asking that farm animals be included in the category of "animals", and be given the same protections under this law.

We, the undersigned, call on the governing powers in Utah to enact a law requiring owners of any animals (including farm animals) to provide shelter their animals can access at all times.

Farm animals are, in fact, animals, and should be given the same protections as other animals under the law.

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