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The National Assembly of Nigeria

The Federal Government of Nigeria claims that it cannot afford to continue to subsidise petrol for Nigerians due to the huge cost of the venture which it admits is as a result of corruption in NNPC and the influence of a powerful cabal.

Our concern therefore is that we find it shameful and unjustifiable that because the Federal Government is incapable of unmasking the cabal, let alone bringing them to book or even tackling corruption, the masses should bear the untold hardship that comes with the removal of petroleum subsidy rather than cutting the cost of governance and dealing with corruption.

Besides, with the global economic recession, the Nigerian government ought to mitigate rather than aggravate the sufferings of her people as do all responsible governments around the world.

Dear Senate President and Speaker of House of Representatives,

I join the overwhelming majority of Nigerians to appeal to you to reverse President Jonathan's unilateral decision to remove petroleum subsidy from the 2012 budget he presented to you because at the moment, it is an anti-people policy that is designed to bring bitter an untold hardships to Nigerians majority of whom are poor.

I wish to, in addition, appeal that until our refineries are repaired to provide for local consumption and power is provided for both industrial and domestic consumption, petroleum subsidy should be provided for in subsequent budgets.

I understand the gravity of the wastage and theft of our common patrimony in the guise of subsidy by a masked cabal and the dangers it portends for our economy, Which is why, I again in unity with the overwhelming majority of Nigerians urge you to utilise the necessary powers available to you to investigate the payment of subsidy, unmask the cabal, bring them to book for economic crimes against Nigeria and actually define the true value of subsidy which I believe is greatly overestimated. I strongly believe that it is this kind of decisiveness that will lead to the eventual removal of petroleum subsidy in the future because it is in the interest of National growth to do so.

As a Nigerian that did cast my vote in the last election that produced my representative in the National Assembly whom you lead, I shall in the company of my fellow constituents occupy the homes of my representatives to be catered for by them should petroleum subsidy not be provided for in the 2012 Budget because I will not be able to bear the sufferings alone.

Therefore please provide for subsidy in the 2012 budget to be on the side of we the Nigerian people who you represent and whose voice you amplify.

Thank you.

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