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UNC- It's time to provide some dang feminine products.

One fateful day at UNC, it happened. Early period, thin shorts, the middle of class while I was in the bathroom and my backpack was still in the classroom. Oh and of course-- my shorts were white. Perfect!

I looked around for any sign of help. Nothing. Nobody. No feminine products. But at least there were plenty of free condoms available for me! (*insert eye roll*)

Look, safe sex materials are great. But if we're going to provide free condoms why on Earth can't I find a fricking tampon? And no I don't mean in those little crappy quarter machines (that nobody has quarters for) that dispose *super comfy* cardboard products.

It happens. Periods happen. Unexpectedly sometimes. And I'm sick of being quiet about it. I already have to smile for a week pretending like I'm not dying inside. It's time. Because I've heard far too many embarrassing stories from girls who already have enough to deal with for a whole week.

Because we're sick of scavenging and awkwardly asking girls in the bathroom for help. Sick of having a male professor give us a weird look when we have to leave early or take our backpacks to the bathroom. Sick of having to "wad up" (Ladies you know exactly what this last ditch effort is). And sick of ruining our expensive fricking underwear. (Shoutout to those Victoria's Secret 'Free Panties' coupons, though.)

If you're sick of it too, then sign the petition!

Please share-- forward to all the ladies you know so that we can get feminine products in the bathrooms of libraries, gyms, and other buildings. Preparing for those unprepared moments could make life on campus just a little bit better.

No girl should have to miss class or worry because of a period.

Sign the petition to express your support in providing feminine products on campus for those unexpected moments.

Here's to hoping we can make your time of the month a little more bearable.

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