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As a parent, I was deeply saddened by the death of young Emma Slone (RIP) who died outside a Dublin restaurant just before Christmas as a result of Anaphylaxis. You may recall the pharmacist refused to give her mother "Epipen" over the counter.

Food allergies are estimated to affect 25% of the population in Ireland and are very common in our community among children and adults, and in severe circumstances can lead to death. The EU has classified 14 major food allergies such as peanuts, sesame seeds, tree nuts, as well as glutens containing eggs, milk, mustard and preservatives should as sulphur dioxide.

Fatalities are preventable if we act with out delay to implement one simple life saving measure such as restaurants, hotels and schools being legally entitled to carry these devices on their premises. Chairman of the Irish Federation Hotel Industry, Michael Vaughan and Chairman of Irish Restaurant Association Adrian Cummins, have both pledged their backing for this life saving measure publicly.

I stood outside the Dail raising awareness for TD's to legislate for restaurants to purchase Epipen from chemists and received widespread support from TD's and Senators. I was joined outside the Dail by Deputy Seamus Healy, Speaker for Independents, in addition to support from Sen Martin Conway, Sen John Kelly. Sen Fergal Quinn also gave his support and informed me that his wife suffers from an allergy and has to carry Epipen with her at all times.

I have forwarded a motion for the next weeks monthly meeting at Ennis Town Council " That the Minister for Justice and Minister for Health provide legislation to enable Restaurants and Bars in Ireland to include 'Epipen' in their First Aid box so as to combat Anaphylaxis for the many people who are susceptible. And that this motion be sent to every Town and County Council in Ireland for their support".

Last week Michael Vaughan IHF Chairman and myself gave an interview on Clare FM calling for the availability of Epipen and the response has been phenomenal. The public want Restaurants and Bars to carry Epipen in their first aid boxes. My hope now is that TD's will play their part to enact this legislation which may prevent a further tragedy. I look forward to legislation being passed that will see Ireland taking not only a lead role in having the safest restaurants in Europe but also schools and airlines.

Cllr Paul O'Shea, Ennis

We, the undersigned, call on the Minister for Health, James Reilly to provide legislation so that Epipen may be made available in Restaurants, Bars, Airlines, and Schools throughout Ireland.

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