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Following the disputed general elections of 2007 December, many people lost their property and livelihoods. They were seriously traumatised by the events that saw some lose their family members in the post election violence.

Some went through very painful experiences of torture, maiming, rape and forced migration. Up to date, close to five years later, some of these people are still in tents that are already out of shape. many children are out of school and the people are jobless, hungry and homeless.

Seemingly this is no longer an issue with the government and members of parliament are now getting busy with campaigns anticipating the coming general election. Even as the case is at the moment proceeding at the International Criminal Court at The Hague, the government, who are among the highest paid in the whole world, do not seem concerned about the plight of these poor people.

If the government would join the efforts of many bodies and individuals who are trying to improve the condition of these people, the situation would be much better.

We, the undersigned, call on the UN and the International community to pressurise the Kenyan government to provide basic support for Kenyans who are displaced and live in camps due to corrupt politics.

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