#Human Rights
ALL Psychologists and Psychiatrists/ APA By laws etc
United States of America

I was very much abused mentally as well as physically, while seeking help from a therapist, who was very clever to seduce, manipulate and abuse me, and the Courts legal system to prove her authority. while she was able to make me a criminal by her lies. Using the court to carry out her mental manipulations.

This therapist would send her secretary away and then fondle me or < IN the last session> attacked me. This therapist was able to do as she pleased, because her secretary was not present. She would be sent on an errand or just told to leave as in the last case. And it was empasized with, "if you don't leave you will be fired!"> And this last time the therapist threw a temper tantrum> >. And because the secretary was not present, I felt I had no proof of this Therapist bad behavior towards myself. Nor her actions. and I was more than stymied that a professional would act as she did towards me. But she did. And because of that I could not prove I was being abused or hurt by this person. And because of that I have lost freedoms and labeled a criminal; when in reality the therapist was the instigator and caused me to become a criminal.

I petition that therapists should not have the authority to have clients all alone. A secretary should always be in the office in case a client feels abused.

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