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Congressman Dana Rohrabacher and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton
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Please note the news item below, regarding Congressman Rohrabacher’s Letter:

WASHINGTON, D.C. jULY 30, 2012: US Congressman Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA) sent a letter to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton urging Washington to back freedom for Azeris from Iran, TURAN's Washington DC correspondent was informed by Congressional sources.

"Rohrabacher's letter was prompted by recent news stories concerning a budding military cooperation between Israel and Azerbaijan", a source from the Congressman's office confirmed.

"It would be wise for the United States to encourage such cooperation, as the aggressive dictatorship in Tehran is our enemy as well as theirs," noted Congressman Rohrabacher, who is also Chair of the House Foreign Affairs Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations.

"The people of Azerbaijan are geographically divided and many are calling for the reunification of their homeland after nearly two centuries of foreign rule."

Almost twice as many Azeris live in Iran as in the Azerbaijan Republic. Their homeland was divided by Russia and Persia in 1828, without their consent. "The Azerbaijan Republic won its independence in 1991, when the Soviet Union collapsed," continues the letter. "Now it is time for the Azeris in Iran to win their freedom too."

"Aiding the legitimate aspirations of the Azeri people for independence is a worthy cause in and of itself," says Rohrabacher. "Yet, it also poses a greater danger to the Iranian tyrants than the threat of bombing its underground nuclear research bunkers" (Turan).

We the undersigned, strongly protest Congressman Rohrabacher’s ( R-CA) support for the secession of the Iranian province of Azerbaijan from Iran.

We demand a clear position from the US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, who has been addressed by the Congressman in his recent letter and from Governor Mitt Romney, the Republican candidate for Presidency of the United States, about their commitment to the territorial integrity of Iran, regardless of their opposition to the current dictatorship and its adventurist and destructive international positions and activities.

The Azeris, have historically been an integral part of the Iranian nation and constitute a large and inseparable part of the Iranian society, living not only in the Province of Azerbaijan but within most major cities and villages, all over the country. Most Iranian families, include Azeri members and the Azeri culture is part of our National identity. Most ruling dynasties in Iran in the past thousand years, as well as many major officials of the present government in Iran have been Azeri, Turkmen and Turks, while the Azeri language is the second language of Iran, spoken by tens of millions of Iranians. Azeris, significantly participate in Iranian commerce and industry, and can be found among all economic sectors and classes of the Iranian society.

Inciting ethnic separation and violence between Azeris and their other Iranian brethren, not only does not make any sense, but promote mistrust and negativity towards American officials and representatives as well as US political intensions, among the Iranian society. Iranians, including Azeris, stand united against secessionist inclinations and foreign incitement aimed at creating violent ethnic and social disruptions in Iran.

The Iranian nation as a whole, also stand united in their struggle to create a democratic and tolerant society, in place of the current religious dictatorship that has been hurting all sectors and sections of the Iranian society for the past 33 years.

The United States is expected to support the united struggle of the Iranian people for freedom and democracy.

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