#Animal Welfare
White House / Members of Congress
United States of America

Trump administration to lift ban on importing elephant trophies into the US.
Elephants are still on the Endangered list, yet the Trump administration, in it's flagrant disregard for the environment is going ahead with this immoral and ridiculous legislation.
How can we ask other countries to respect animal rights, especially for endangered animals, yet legalize Trophy Hunting - in effect the murder of animals for their body parts.
Protest this immoral policy by signing this petition - which will be sent on to the White House as well as Congress.

President Trump and Members of Congress,

I strongly protest, in the strongest terms, the legalization of Trophy Imports taken from the body parts of endangered animals such as Elephants for Tusks, or Heads of large Cats.
Elephants are still on the endangered list and if this ban is lifted, Elephants can and will become extinct.
Clearly, the lifting of the ban on Trophy hunting places an emphasis on monetary gain and not on the environment, which you have clearly showed time and again that you flagrantly disregard. Pulling the United States from the Paris Climate agreement is yet another example of your distorted value system of placing financial gain before the World Environment.
I protest the lifting of the ban on animal trophy imports in the strongest terms and request that this ban be kept in order to preserve endangered animals, which WILL become extinct under your proposed policies.


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