#Bedroom tax
Hartlepool Borough Concil and Central Government
United Kingdom

We would request that people undertake to voice their protest at government legilsation under the welfare reform act that will result in yet another "stealth tax" on residents and families who are already reeling from the effetc of government austerity measures.

The "bedroom tax" introudced as part of the governments welfare reform will have a major impact on the health and well being of those who are most vulnerable and least well off in our communities. This legislation ignores the needs of social housing tenants by introducing a tax designed to reduce central governments housing expenditure. the governments assertion that the legislation will encourage greater mobility within the rented sector and make better use of available housing stock flies in the face of common sense. there are already signficiant waiting lists for social housing in our towns and cities. the notin that this legislation will enable families to "float off benefits" by down sizing is ludicrious, the reality is families will be no better off than they are currently.

For many individuals on benefits this will result in significant hardship, stark choices will need to be made "do I feed the family, or keep a roof over our heads". This legislation will result in increasing homelessness amongst the most vulnerable in society.

We the undersgined call on government to remove the bedroom taxation on families, families who are hurting, and families who will be made homeless.

The tax is legalised theft from those who can ill afford to pay.

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