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Jona Lendering

Writer Jona Lendering claims to be an expert in Iranian Studies. The truth is that he is an archivist and someone who has been constantly trying to attack the history of Iran and defaming the Ancient Iran and Cyrus the Great.

This petition aims to reveal the activities of Jona Lendering and his anti-Iranian stance.

Jona Lendering is a Racist writer against ancient Iran and the Iranian people.

This petition serves to highlight the activities of Jona Lendering and his racist attacks against Iranians and their history. He is active on a number of blogs and runs the Livius.org website. He describes the history of Cyrus the Great as ""imperial propaganda of Shah "1 and attempts to promote his negative views of the historical benevolence of Cyrus the Great having as being “modern propaganda”2. Thus he fully neglects the important legacy of Iranian history.

Lendering fully supports the racist articles of Matthias Shultz of Der Spiegel3 and De Quetteville4 of the Daily Telegraph which are directed against the legacy of Cyrus the Great and the Iranian people. He often disparages Iranian art and architecture by writing racist comments in Dutch language websites5. Lendering also engages in smear campaigns and Ad Hominem attacks across the internet. He falsely portrays himself as an “expert” of Iran, when in fact he is an archivist with the Dutch government.

Lendering dismisses the expertise of major world-class scholars such as Professor Emeritus Richard Nelson Frye of Harvard University who have over 40 years of research and publications to their credit. Lendering’s claims of being an “expert” of ancient Iran is contradicted by blatant errors such as claiming that the Godarz II site at Bisotun "does not stand today" when in fact it does. The greatest concern however is that Lendering abuses the trust, hospitality and goodwill of the Iranian people by making frequent trips to Iran and then returning from that country to spread his racist views against Iran, Iranians, and Iranian history.

In summary Jona Lendering attempts to use the resources of the internet in his inexplicable campaign against the Iranian people and their history. This petition is an appeal for all people who support the Iranian people and their historical legacy to sign this petition as a declaration that racism is not to be tolerated.

Please join us to protest against the writings of Jona Lendering by signing this petition and support the Iranian cause. This is an appeal to Lendering to desist from such writings.

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