#Animal Rights
Colchester magistrates court
United Kingdom

Protest outside Colchester magistrates court on 11th July at 9-9.30am against Andrew Summerfield for the horrific injuries he inflicted against Barney (dog).

Barney was shot 10 times with an air rifle, he was also attacked by Andrew Summerfield with a meat cleaver, and left stranded on the A12 with a noose round his neck.

This fiend should never be allowed to have an animal in his care again and also should be served the maximum sentence.

Please sign this protest especially if you cannot attend on the 11th July

We, the undersigned, call on Colchester magistrates court to give the maximum sentence to Andrew Summerfield for the hoffific animal abuse he inflicted upon Barney which resulted in the Dog being put down.

We the undersigned want the court to not only give Andrew Summerfield the maximum prison sentence but also disallow Andrew Summerfield from owning an animal again.

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