Bishop:- Rev.B.P.Sugandhar

Protection of C.S.I (Church Of South India) Properties

The Honorable Chief Justices
High Court,

Sub: Protection of Church properties in Church of South India-Medak Diocese-Request – Regarding.

Respected Sir,

We wish to bring to your kind notice that a Trust named “Church of South India Trust Association” (CSITA) was created in the year of 1947 top manage the properties of the churches which have joined to become “The Church of South India”

We regret to inform you that the CSITA has not been protecting the properties but has liberally and deliberately been giving post approvals for the illegal sale of large scale properties in various places, in respect of Medak Diocese, ever since Rev.B.P.Sugandhar became Bishop in 1993. The members of the Church who are the main affected parties are made mere spectators by the Bishop using the clout for illegal sale of precious Christian properties.

The Hon’ble judge at Siddipet City Civil Court observed in I.A. No 133/1993 in OS No.32/1993 as follows:

“Thus when the Respondent No.1 (Rev. B.P.Sugandhar) as Presbyter had resorted to wholesale such financial irregularities entrusting him with job of Bishop and asking him to manage the entire diocese of Medak where crores of rupees of property to be managed by him, there is every possibility of the church properties being squandered in the hands of Respondent No.1 as Bishop. In Christianity the Bishop is spiritual head of the Diocese and he should be an ideal for the community people. If he himself is not a person of virtues and had proven record of unchaste behavior and questionable character and having doubtful integrity, he should not be permitted to hold office for a day”.

This cases still pending in Secunderabad City Civil Court. This observation has not been set-a-side by any higher Court.

The City Criminal Court Nampally, Hyderabad in a case No. Crl.M.P.No. 1436/95 in S.R.No.1735/1995 against Rev.B.P.Sugandhar and others has observed as follows in regard to illegally appointments of Staff.

“The grievance of the Complaint as well as his witnesses is that by committing illegal acts the Accused No.1 (Rev. B.P. Sugandhar) and Accused No. 2 tarnished the image of high office of Bishop and also Christian Community. I am of the opinion that the complainant should have approached the church authorities or Forums which have elected Accused-1 (Rev.B.P Sugandhar) and Accusede -2 their respective offices for their REMOVAL”.

This observation has not been challenged by the Accused (B.P Sugandhar) and the case was dismissed for want of jurisdiction. A fresh case has been filed in the high court on the same facts regarding illegal appointment made by Rev. B.P.Sugandhar, Which is pending.

Regarding Dichpally lands, it was gifted by B.P. Sugandhar to a society of which he is himself the Chairman. Thus the donor and the Donee is the same.
Vide gift deed No.3135/1999.

We are confident that the Indian government has a positive role to play in curbing the illegal activities of private organizations and protect the interest of its citizens.

As the third generation inheritors of the noble tradition set up by missionaries and our forefathers together we are bound to follow in their footsteps and not to allow their values to be threatened or watered down in any way.

We request you to kindly intervene and stay the proposed sale of properties by Bishop B.P. Sugandhar and appoint an enquiry Officer / Controller to go into these illegal activities, since many recognized institutions are put on sale.

Thanking you sir,
Yours truly,
M.Kiran Kumar
B.Com, B.Ed,(M.A) lit
Member of Church of South India
Dist: Nizamabad 503111.
Ph.No. 99087977896

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