#Animal Welfare
An Taoiseach Bertie Ahern

We aim to highlight and educate people regarding the horror of puppy farms and unethical breeding in Ireland.

We believe that there should only be a limited number of licences to breed issued following extensive checks and guidelines adhered to.

However there are breeders who are simply interested in profit charging ridiculous prices for puppies, keeping dogs in horrendous conditions, have no breeding plan or regard for the animals health and experimenting unethically with cross breeding, sometimes with shocking results.

There are also dog owners who have neglected to get their dogs microchipped or neutered adding dramatically to the number of strays, cruelty cases and abandoned dogs each year.

We are trying to educate people and are campaigning to have microchipping and neutering made compulsory as in other countries.

You can do your bit by signing this petition.

We request that the Irish Government introduce and enforce compulsory microchipping and neutering of all dogs with a reduced once off licence fee applicable for all neutered dogs as opposed to a hefty yearly fee for all unneutered dogs.

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