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East Herts District Council
United Kingdom

The closure of the Beacon Court sheltered housing scheme has caused many people a wide range of problems and raised a number of wider issues. This action was carried out by the Riversmead Housing Association without any noticeable consideration of the views of the community of Hertford Heath.

The Parish Council has had discussions with East Herts Council officers and there seems to be a danger that Riversmead can do "whatever they want” with the properties and land they own and manage as long as they meet their overall target for the whole of the East Herts District.

They are a very large property owner and have the ability to change communities at their fingertips, as the closure of Beacon Court has shown, without any explanation. We ask you to support our petition to our elected body, East Herts District Council, to urge them to put in place effective measures that prevent this from happening.

Given that the District Council's strategic responsibility for affordable housing, including accommodation for the elderly, carries with it the need to ensure accountability in these matters, we, the undersigned, urge the District Council to exercise effective oversight of the Riversmead Housing Association, which has closed Beacon Court and deprived the wider elderly community in Hertford Heath of shared amenities and activities without adequate explanation or appropriate consultation.

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