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City of Charlottesville, Council and City Manager
United States of America

West Main is a heavily traveled multi-modal street, with substandard bike infrastructure. The current bike lanes are not protected, and are often obstructed by vehicles. The bike lanes are narrow and many sections are in the "door zone" next to parked cars, making it dangerous for both people biking and those parking their cars. We have no dedicated protected bike lanes in Charlottesville. Many cities have been installing protected bike lanes, and they are shown to be a significant improvement over painted bike lanes. Better bike lanes will also help Charlottesville residents and visitors who desire to move around without having to drive everywhere. The linked proposal is divided into 4 "blocks" and while all the sections need protected bike lanes, the most urgent candidate for protected lanes is "Block 2" between W 10th St and the railroad bridge.

Installing protected bike lanes along West Main Street will help the safety and well-being of all users. We the undersigned ask the City of Charlottesville to install a protected bike lane consisting of a painted buffer and flex-posts along part or all of West Main as outlined in the linked proposal.

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