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Lia Thomas, a transgender swimmer who was born biologically male, is dominating women's swimming records during her time at University of Pennsylvania. Before identifying as a female, Thomas competed for 3 years on the Men's team and only sat one year out before competing as a female. Thomas has followed the rules set in place by the NCAA regarding transgender athletes, however, the rules are unfair to biological women. After identifying as female, she broke the Ivy League Record in the 500 free, and is close to multiple American records. She recently qualified for Division 1 NCAA's, and is seeded in the top 3 for multiple events. In an article by Carrie Sheffield on the New York Post, she highlights a scientific review by the Independent Women's Law Center. According to the review, men naturally have bigger hearts and lungs, making swimming easier for them. Additionally, they possess greater bone densities, such as a wider wingspan, which testosterone blockers can't alter. Finally, they discuss that although hormone therapy can reduce muscle size, it can't reduce it to female levels. Lia Thomas has a clear biological advantage, and is taking away the spotlight and opportunities from female athletes who have been training hard their entire lives.

By signing this petition, you are urging the NCAA and USA Swimming to recognize these biological advantages and create a separate competition league for transgender athletes, or alter the rules and mandate that transgender athletes must complete a 4 year hormone therapy transition period before competing as their preferred gender. This is the beginning of a fight for women's equality in sports. We've come so far, and we can't let this injustice get in the way of diminishing the work our amazing female athletes have done in the USA.

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