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West Oxfordshire District Council
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This development of 270 homes is proposed by Gladman, a ruthless developer exploiting planning policy loopholes to blanket bomb rural areas with applications for residential developments in unsuitable greenfield areas that will yield huge profits, under the guise of ‘sustainability’.

West Oxfordshire District Council has assessed numerous other sites as being suitable for residential development, and this is NOT one of them. Affordable homes are needed, however they need to be located in sustainable and suitable areas.

This site does not meet either of these requirements. Developing here will destroy the sensitive landscape of the beautiful Windrush Valley and river scenery. There will be an increased flood risk in an already susceptible town centre as a huge section of natural soakaway will be rendered ineffective. The only way to GUARANTEE flood risk to Witney is not increased is to not develop here.

Increased traffic as a result of the development will put more pressure on Witney’s town centre roads which are already struggling to cope with current traffic. One entry and exit point will present a H&S risk to pedestrians and other road users given the volume of cars using the access point and Burford Road, in particular near Tower Hill School.

Air pollution from vehicles on Bridge Street is already breaching national air quality levels for nitrogen dioxide, and the area is now classed as Government recognised Air Quality Management Area. Local school capacity (Tower Hill) is almost full. The land borders a Conservation Target Area and natural flood plain which host a variety of species that would be disturbed (habitat destruction /noise /light pollution). The proposed development sets a very dangerous precedent for future development and wide scale destruction of the Windrush Valley

Please visit our Facebook page (Windrush Valley Protection Group), website (www.windrushvalleyprotectiongroup.org) and contact us (windrushvalleyprotectiongroup@gmail.com) for more information.

We the undersigned, petition West Oxfordshire District Council to reject plans for the proposed residential development of 270 homes on the walls of the Windrush Valley at Burford road, Witney.

We believe the land is not suitable for the following reasons, as stated below:

• Huge detrimental effect to the visual amenity of the sensitive Windrush Valley landscape
• Dangerous precedent for development along the Windrush Valley
• Loss of rural identity for Witney when local heritage (the Windrush Valley) should be preserved and enhanced
• Increased congestion in Witney Town Centre (Bridge Street) and additional pressure on the A40
• Increased risk of flooding downstream due to the removal of a natural soakaway
• The land is designated by WODC as a policy area in the Local Plan to be 'PROTECTED FROM URBAN SPRAWL' and has repeatedly been assessed as not being suitable for development when other sites have (Downs Road / Curbridge Road 1000+ homes less than 1 mile away)
• Increased highways H&S risk with resepct to the proposed single access point in close proximity to Tower Hill roundabout and increase in vehicles using Burford Road near Tower Hill school
• Increased risk of vehicles from the development parking in streets in the neighbouring area
• Air pollution increase on Bridge Street
• Insufficient capacity at local schools
• Direct & indirect negative effects on wildlife
• Health and Safety risk to proposed dwellings from adjacent LPG gas storage plant
• House prices likely to be inflated given their proposed location and therefore not affordable to many local residents.

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