#Law Reform

Research shows that skin type and excessive overexposure to UV light, not age, is the significant risk factor for both indoor and outdoor sunbathing in Canada. Professional salons prohibit sunbathing of skin type I clients and provide controlled exposure as part of the professional sunbathing community’s commitment to public protection.

Despite this, several governments across the nation are considering instituting age-based bans on sunbathing – despite research that it is skin type and excessive overexposure – not age which is the primary risk.

If you agree that governments should work to protect all ages through mandatory professional control of UV exposure, restricting skin type I individuals and parental consent, then we would ask that you affix your name to this petition.

Whereas: A prohibition of under 18 sunbathing, even in the case of explicit parental consent, limits a parent’s right to make informed medical decisions regarding the health of their children. It does nothing to protect indoor sunbathers of all ages, we the undersigned hereby petition the legislative assembly to:

• Work with Industry to develop meaningful regulations, which will mandate trained & certified operators that control UV exposure.

• Ensure that parental rights over their children’s choices are respected.

• Ensure that every client is skin typed and skin type I individuals are restricted from UV indoor sunbathing facilities and educated about their risks of UV overexposure.

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