#Human Rights
Duquesne University Students
United States of America


Most collegiate apparel in the United States is produced in overseas sweatshops where employees live in virtual poverty due to penny-low wages, long shifts, and dangerous factory working conditions.

Why it's happening:

The companies who contract these factories are able to get away with imposing these horrific working conditions by placing their factories in the world's poorest countries. Workers choose to work in the factories because sweatshop work is the only employment opportunity available.

What Duquesne needs to do:

By joining the Workers Right Consortium, an organization that works to ensure the protection of workers' rights, Duquesne University has already taken the first steps to making sure that our collegiate apparel is produced in sweatshop-free factories.

While this effort is appreciated, the University can still do more.

Duquesne University needs to adopt the Designated Suppliers Program. Endorsed by the Workers Rights Consortium, the DSP forces universities to buy their merchandise only from factories that pay their workers living wages and respect their human rights.

What you can do:

By signing this petition, you can demand that our university buys only sweatshop-free merchandise in accordance with the Designated Suppliers Program.

We, the undersigned, call on the Duquesne University Administration to adopt the Designated Suppliers Program and uphold its promise, as stated in its Mission Statement, that “Duquesne serves God by serving students… through profound concern for moral and spiritual values.”

These values mean ensuring that the workers who produce our collegiate apparel have their rights respected and are able to earn a living wage.

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