Government of Saint Lucia

April 10, 2013

Dear Concerned Supporters,

At our membership meeting on March 2nd, 2013, our members mandated the Saint Lucia National Trust to open a petition to Government on the Freedom Bay Project for signature. This was done on April 5th 2013. However, at a recently concluded meeting of the Trust’s Council we were informed that Government has commissioned the Limits of Acceptable Change (LAC) Study.

In light of the fact that the LAC study has now been commissioned, we have decided to withhold the said petition until after the completion of the LAC. The petition also called on Government to:

1) not approve any major developments within the World Heritage Site until the LAC study is complete; and

2) ensure that the conditions of approval of the proposed Freedom Bay development are to be informed by the recommendations of the LAC study.

Once the LAC has been completed we will engage Government to determine how the recommendations will be implemented. At that time we will also revert to our membership for guidance on how we move forward with the suspended Petition.

Your understanding in the matter is very much appreciated. Thanks to everyone who signed the petition and shared their passionate views about the protection of our Pitons. Please do not hesitate to contact us at natrust@slunatrust.org if you have any questions or suggestions.

Thank you

Vasantha Chase, Ph.D., PMP, CMC
Chairman of Council

The Protect the Pitons Petition has been suspended, please read the background information above for the justification.

Thanks to all concerned individuals from Saint Lucia and across the globe who have signed the petition thus far. Your support is greatly appreciated as we continue to work together to conserve the rich heritage of Saint Lucia.

Photo attributed to Denia George.

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