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As anyone who will be signing this knows, 4Kids has purchased the dubbing rights for One Piece, and completley changed the face of this wonderful anime. They changed the music, changed some names, did some MAJOR editing of most of the show itself, changed the dialogue, and gave very low quality voices for all the characters. They practically BUTCHERED the anime. Anyone who has watched the fan sub over at http://k-f.cjb.net knows how great an anime One Piece is, and how badly torn apart 4Kids has made it.

It was never meant to be a kids show. Let's show 4Kids what we think, and let's show them how many people are FULLY against their dubbing plans!

Let's sign this petition to ensure that no more of this wonderful anime is torn apart, so that a more reliable company can prove how great One Piece really is, without changing the entire face of it just for little kid audiences.

We, the supporting fans of the One Piece anime, want 4Kids to reconsider their terrible mistake to dub One Piece. We want 4Kids to realize that they are hurting something truly grand, and that they must cease any future dubbings at once.

One Piece is an anime that should be adored by all audiences, and should not be completley changed just because of the target audience. We urge you to rectify this mistake. Discontinue the One Piece dub, and give it to someone more reliable.

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