#Law & Order
Michigan State Legislature
United States of America

Governor Granholm's recent budget does not include any money for a Michigan State Police Recruit School. According to Matt Wesaw, the Director of Government Relations for the Michigan State Police Troopers Association, "Without reinforcements to replace those who leave the force, there will be less than one-thousand patrol officers by September of next year. That would be the lowest number since the 1960's."

The Department's Gubernatorial Transition Report from November 26, 1990, stated that "The first (role and function) is to provide high quality, 24-hour a day police services for the unincorporated rural and suburban areas of the State...county law enforcement levels vary widely...the final responsibility always falls to the State Police."

If the State is unable to maintain adequate Trooper levels, the citizens of Michigan will be unknowingly placed in harm's way through the severe lack of police protection.

We, the undersigned, call on the Michigan Legislature, to reject Governor Granholm's proposed elimination of a Michigan State Police Recruit School in 2007.

The Recruit School should take place, as originally planned, in order to maintain our current State Trooper levels on Michigan Highways.

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