#Children's Rights
Senator Marco Rubio and Senator Bill Nelson
United States of America

Children of immigrants and asylum-seekers are being separated from their families daily at borders across the country by ICE, Border Patrol, and other Homeland Security agencies and it needs to stop. This act is inhumane and will cause detrimental psychological and emotional effects on children who have no fault in the situation that they find themselves in. The images released of the conditions they are being subjected to are heartbreaking. Being placed in "cages" without any beds, pillows, real blankets with other children just as terrified and confused is sickening.

The Keep Families Together Act is the one bill in the US Senate that would stop the current administration policy of family separation. This bill would outlaw family separations except in very specific cases — when there’s reason to believe a child is being trafficked or abused by his or her parents. It puts a number of measures in place to ensure abuse is actually occurring before children are taken away from their families. The Keep Families Together Act pushes back on the administration’s argument that by simply crossing the border, undocumented parents are breaking the law and therefore must face the consequences of having their children taken away.

We, the undersigned, call on the Senate to sign the Keep Families Together Act and enforce the protection of the children whose families are seeking legal asylum.

The act of separating children of all ages from their families and placing them in detention centers is inhumane, immoral and Unconstitutional. As conscious human beings, we can not turn a blind eye to the injustices that these families are currently facing and will continue to face if something isn't done to promote active and prolonged change.

Please help us in ensuring that positive change takes place by signing the Keep Families Together Act and passing the bill.

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