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Building a drive through store
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Old Perkins Road has been classified as a state historical highway to maintain orderly growth and use. The traffic on Old Perkins Road has increased to the point of traffic jams.

Old Perkins cannot be widened because of its historical markings. Old Perkins is used to filter traffic off/on I10 into Ascension/Baton Rouge. Case in point closing of I10 on 04/30/2008.

In Ascension Parish on Airline Highway within a mile are several places dedicated to serving and selling alcohol. We do not need this on Old Perkins Road (Historical Highway) nor in our neighborhoods.

Pertaining to the address of 37165 Old Perkins Road. We want the State of Louisiana and the Parish of Ascension to deny the application and protect the existing residential uses, our property values and the safety of our neighborhood because:

1. By adding this store, traffic would increase and cause additional difficulty in entering and exiting our neighborhoods on this already busy State Historical Highway.

2. A store will not serve the residents of the area, it will attract travelers to buy alcohol in our back yards.

3. This facility will increase the possibility of crime in the area.

4. The project would increase the noise, lighting, and traffic past the times of normal business hours, and potentially create a public nuisance.

5. The residents of the area and public are already well served by local markets.

6. Adding this convenience store adjacent to our homes encourages loiterers, unsafe activity and litter.

We request a hearing as per the statement below by Louis Lambert.

As the former State Senator representing this area, I was very involved in trying to protect the Ascension Parish section of Old Perkins Road. I am surprised that a business/liquor establishment would be authorized to be built on Old Perkins between Magnolia Oaks Sub. and the railroad track in the heart of the residential area. The business establishments currently in this area either pre-dated the zoning laws or were so zoned by a public hearing.

I would like to see a public hearing held on this hearing or a re-hearing so that the affected public will have an opportunity to voice their concerns. Thank you for the chance to express my opinion. Louis Lambert, Mary Lambert and Jessica Lambert.

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